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History of Swimming School Kalev and the achievements of its students:

1959: on the initiative of the swimming section of the trade union sports organisation „Kalev“ Swimming School Kalev was established in Tallinn.  The aim was to teach children to swim, pick out a selection of them and develop swimming as a sport.

1965: the „Kalev“ indoor swimming pool was completed and the school obtained a stationary base for training. Three water sports sections were created– swimming, water polo and diving.

1968: the section of diving was closed

1969: the school was given the name – Tallinn Specialised Swimming School „Kalev“ for Children and Olympic Youth Reserve.

1975: the water polo section at the Swimming School was shut down. Mait Riisman, the most famous water polo student, went on to study and train at the National University of Moscow, made it into the Soviet Union national team and became an olympic gold medalist at the 1980 Olympics.

1980: the 1980s were a period of decline for Swimming School Kalev. The old guard (Igor Filin, Terje Tomson, Liina Raska, Ivar Stukolkin etc.) had finished or were about to finish their careers and a new generation of talented swimmers(Indrek Sei, Marko Pachel, Ilmar Ojase) were only at the initial stages of their development.

2004: reconstruction of the „Kalev“ indoor swimming pool began in July, swimming groups started to train in different swimming pools across Tallinn (Secondary School Mustamäe Saksa Gümnaasium, TOP SPA swimming pool, Õismäe  swimming pool, EMA Maritime school, Tallinn School No. 21, Tabasalu swimming pool, Nõmme swimming pool)

2006: on the 28th of January the swimming pool of Kalev SPA was opened and training groups could once again settle down at their own swimming pool.

Students of Swimming School Kalev at the Olympics

Name Event Standing Time
1960 (Rome)
E. Maurer 200 breaststroke 5. (qualifying) 3:03.50
1980 (Moscow)
I. Stukolkin 4×200 freestyle 1. 7:23.50
400 freestyle 3. 3:53.95
200 freestyle 12. 1:53.44
M. Riisman water polo 1.
1992 (Barcelona)
I. Sei 50 freestyle 31. 23.48
100 freestyle 32. 51.47
M. Pachel 100 breaststroke 19. 1:03.40
I. Ojase 100 backstroke 20. 57.08
1996 (Atlanta)
I. Sei 50 freestyle 26. 23.29
100 freestyle 32. 51.19
2000 (Sydney)
J. Kolukanova 50 freestyle 16. 26.03
R. Pachel 100 breaststroke 32.-33. 1:03.99
200 breaststroke 33. 2:19.71
I. Sei 50 freestyle 29. 23.11
100 freestyle 43. 52.09
2004 (Athens)
J. Kolukanova 100 freestyle 37. 57.45
2008 (Peking)
M. Mälberg 50 freestyle 25. 22.37
M. Liivamägi 200 medley 35. 2:03.56
A. Olvik 200 backstroke 40. 2:03.66
2012 (London)
M. Liivamägi 100 breaststroke 29. 1:01.57
200 medley 25. 2:01.09

Students/instructors of Swimming School Kalev at the best Estonian swimmers’ awards in the last few years:

Best young swimmer – Martin Liivamägi

Best female swimmer – Natalia Hissamutdinova
Best male swimmer – Martin Liivamägi
Best young male swimmer – Martin Liivamägi
Best instructor – Urmas Jaamul

Best male swimmer – Martin Liivamägi
Best young female swimmer – Maria Pallas
Best instructor – Urmas Jaamul

Best male swimmer – Miko Mälberg

Best male swimmer – Martin Liivamägi