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Private lessons

Swimming School Kalev offers private lessons for children (from 3 years old) and for adults with instructor in preferred pool.
Price of 1 lesson is 25 euros + entrance fee of the pool.

Private lessons are given by our school’s instructors Henry Hein, Epp Kruusmaa and Priit Aavik. Time of the practice has to be scheduled with instructor.

Please bring swimsuit and washing equipment with you. The swimming cap is mandatory in most pools, so it is wise to get it as well. Training equipment is from Swimming School Kalev and these aren’t needed to bring with you.

Henry Hein – Estonian and English
Tel: +372 566 90 700

Epp Kruusmaa – Estonian and English
Tel: +372 53306954

Priit Aavik – Estonian, Russian and English
Tel: +372 56283507